Our Mission is to become the first choice for Wedding DJ Entertainment in any market by providing the best quality product, at the lowest possible price, and by openly displaying our faith in God and always displaying honesty, integrity, love, and a genuine honor and respect for the marriage covenant; and by always striving for excellence, growth, and exceeding customer expectations.

DJ DeAndre AKA DJ Tronic

Age: 35
Hometown: Griffin, GA
Hobbies: Fishing, carpentry, playing music
Favorite Artists: I like all genres of music.
Languages: English

DeAndre Smith perhaps better known as “DJ Tronic” to the locals, is a veteran Atlanta Event DJ who understands the importance of creating a brand and standing out. DeAndre has been a professional DJ for 7 years was officially added to the roster in 2016. DeAndre is currently a youth leader in his local church and currently heads up the Atlanta DJ office for the company. One thing that makes DJ DeAndre stand out from most other working DJs is his presentation and attention to details. In a visual world where first impressions are worth more than gold, DeAndre has learned the importance of offering a visually stimulating performance. Whereas in the past most Event DJs have focused entirely on sound, the new generation of wedding and event DJs have understood the importance of the lighting and the visual presentation element. DeAndre Smith is just one of many Atlanta DJs that has embraced this new approach to the wedding and event industry. He has realized the importance of this concept and is now cashing in. With his wedding bookings on the rise for 2017 and hos new relationship with DJ Jason & Associates one thing is for sure; DJ DeAndre will be doing this a long time and will be making the millennial brides very happy in the process.

DJ Willie

Age: 27
Hometown: Homestead, FL
Hobbies: Enjoys music, singing, riding, horses, and dancing
Favorite Artists: Michael Jackson, John Legend, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, and Eminem
Languages: English

Don’t let that “cowboy hat” fool you! DJ Willie serves a fresh mix of more than just Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan. Willie’s love and passion for music grew when he was in high school and was asked by friend to DJ their party. Since then Willie has been honing is craft as a DJ/MC and has become an expert at remixing country and top 40 tracks. Willie has a great personality and is very easy to get along with making him a great choice for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. His keen technical mixing ability along with his attention to detail has allowed him to become one of the most sought after event DJs in Georgia. Whatever event you are planning DJ Willie is an excellent choice! Not only will he bring energy and interactivity to the event, but he will also keep your guests dancing all night long! Contact us today to reserve your “Disc Jockey Cowboy”!

DJ Zack AKA DJ Xenerock

Hometown: Griffin, GA
Hobbies: Enjoys Youtube, music, and writing
Favorite Artists: NOFX, Ghost BC, Hard Girls, and Rage Against the Machine
Favorite Book: Is it wrong to try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?
Languages: English & Swedish

Perhaps known better to his local fans as DJ Xenerock, DJ Zack has been making huge waves at whatever event he performs. DJ Zack is no stranger to the music scene as he currently plays in two bands, “Drug Case Advocate” and “Homie-Os”. Zack is also a huge history nerd and spends much of his time on YouTube making videos for his bands and music. DJ Zack was discovered by Head Atlanta DJ, DJ Deandre in 2016, and since then DJ Zack has undergone many hours of apprenticeship and DJ Training. DJ Zack is now ready for action and is available for Sweet Sixteens, High School Events, and Private Parties. His outgoing and fun personality makes him a great choice for all types of small events and his love and passion for music will come through every song he mixes. DJ Zack is an excellent choice for DJ Atlanta!